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Theresa Bisgrove, Yoga Practitioner

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About Me

My name is Theresa Bisgrove & I have lived in Hemel Hempstead all my life, with my family going back several generations in the town.

After practising yoga for many years I decided I'd like to teach it to others & I gained my teaching qualifications by studying for 3 years with the Yoga For Health Foundation at Ickwell Bury, Bedfordshire. Having completed my Teacher Training & Remedial Yoga qualifications, I undertook further studying in Remedial Yoga to achieve a specialist level in that area.

I am a member of The Register of Exercise Professionals [REPs] and The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council [CNHC]

About My Yoga & Relaxation Classes

There are many paths in yoga, I teach Hatha Yoga (union by bodily control).

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Yoga is not a religion, it promotes health & happiness by working on the mind body & spirit. Yoga is non-competitive, & that includes with yourself! Everyone works at their own level & without strain.

Our Hatha Yoga classes will normally begin with a short period of relaxation followed by gentle limbering asana (yoga postures).

This would be followed by asana to include:- a twist,a backbend, forward bend, side bend, a balance & an inversion. This may be followed by pranayama (breathing exercise) before a final meditation & relaxation.

I use quiet relaxation music throughout the class.

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About My Accreditations

The Register of Exercise Professionals

I am a fully accredited Level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.

REPs Membership signifies that a fitness professional;

  • has met nationally agreed occupational standards
  • holds recognised and approved qualifications
  • is independently verified as being competent in the work place
  • is committed to ongoing professional development
  • is legally covered to practice by appropriate insurance

All REPs members are bound by the REPS Code of Conduct

Find me in the REPs Member Directory [Search for Reg No: R0026977]

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council [CNHC]

I am registered with The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council as a Yoga Therapy practitioner.

The CNHC quality mark provides an independent seal of approval to well-qualified, responsible professionals in the complementary healthcare field.

To qualify for registration with the CNHC and display the CNCH quality mark, practitioners must have;

  • undertaken a programme of education and training which meets, as a minimum, the National Occupational Standards and the core curriculum for the complementary therapy/discipline concerned where a core curriculum has been agreed.
  • achieved competency to the level of the National Occupational Standards for the therapy/discipline concerned by means of relevant experience of at least three years and relevant training and been assessed as having met those standards.

All CNCH members are bound by The CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance

Find me in the CNCH Member Directory [Search for Theresa Bisgrove]

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